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Ready to BREAK FREE from your change blockers and live your BEST life now?

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Avoid the rebound to experience sustained change so you can live the life you really want on your terms.

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Manifest your dreams and desires with consistency and momentum for accelerated results to become unstoppable.

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HEY tHERE! i'M Brenda cROSS.

I’m a human behavior geek, results-obsessed change specialist, transformation avenger, frequent flier of the friendly skies, and a fanner-of-flames for people’s potential.

As a former Army Brat, I was the new kid in school more times than I wish to count. While I often felt like an outsider wondering where I belonged, I learned how to quickly get a read of the situation, key players and work my way into the inner circle.

On top of those ninja-esqe infiltrating skills, I have a voracious desire for learning and understanding what drives people. So, it’s no surprise I love helping people level up and navigate their transitions while expanding their lives.

And from all the transformations, The LifeSpring Lab was born. This offering weaves together over 13 years of training and development, the latest research, and a dash of delight.

I am here to help you bridge the gap, skip “the dip”, and spring into the fulfilling life you desire and deserve.

Let’s get started!

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Brenda is one of the BEST trainers I have experienced. I have worked with Olympic athletes, CEO’s and top-level performers, so I came in a bit skeptical. I learned so much both as a participant and a trainer/coach and I look forward to future opportunities to train and work with Brenda.


Founder, Youphoria

Brenda is an amazing trainer and consultant that offers great value to businesses and executives. I closed over $7M in business deals using the sales system Brenda teaches. I can heartily recommend working with Brenda on your consulting and training projects.

Brett Y

Global Account Manager, Dell Technologies

Brenda provided invaluable training on Mindfulness and Wellbeing during a very stressful time – COVID19. Her strategies and enthusiasm were remarkable and allowed us to practice these strategies during the training. I have left this training feeling more confident in my ability to handle stress and discovered useful strategies to cope with the current environment. Thank you very much.

Jordan C.

Data Scientist

I saw Brenda’s keynote at a sales and leadership conference where I learned about her humble beginnings as an entrepreneur experiencing the same pain points many of us feel as we’re rejected and turned down. Brenda is just like one of us! She is so relatable and powerful!   I highly recommend reaching out and connecting with Brenda for your next training or keynote!

Jay Dee

World Financial Group

I had the privilege of hearing Brenda speak as one of the Keynote speakers at B.A.N.K.icon in July 2019. Brenda is a masterful storyteller. Her presentation style paints pictures for her listeners, mixes in humor, is relatable, and has a great message. In listening to Brenda speak, I had a profound experience. While listening to her, a negative experience, from 28 years prior, that had been pushed to the back of my mind, crept its way back into my conscious mind. I was able to see a mental block I had and so was freed up and inspired to resume activities that had been eliminated from my life. If you have a chance to see or book Brenda, do not miss out on the opportunity. it may just be the life-altering experience you didn’t even know you were hoping for.

Malcolm S.

MA, LMSW -CEO - The True You

I had the opportunity to be trained and coached by Brenda. Throughout my training/coaching experience, she had listening skills that I had not experienced with other coaches. Brenda offers effortless, confident, decisive advice for her clients based on this exceptional skill, and provides it in an organized, uncomplicated, and systematic way that makes sense. If you want someone that gets in your world and wants to know your needs, Brenda is your perfect trainer/coach.

Julie B.

Venture REI

Brenda delivered expert guidance and support through a career transition. Her practical techniques, straightforward advice, and friendly disposition provided me with a much-needed push to step into a new career phase.

P. Rodriguez


Miss Brenda is amazing! Her connection to people to create a business relationship is unsurpassed with her unique ability to create simple systems and processes that anyone could follow. As a trainer, Brenda is organized, strategic and masterful. Her presentation skills are well defined with structured and easy-to-implement steps. Brenda makes learning fun and profitable by keeping your ROI in mind. If you have the opportunity to work with Brenda, you will understand why she is an expert in training and development.

Jeanne Z.

Family Communication Specialist

Brenda is truly an amazing coach and trainer. She really gets deep into our hearts and soul which I’ve never experienced with a trainer before and that is surely needed.  Brenda is a breath of fresh air in the coaching/trainer industry and I, for one, and thrilled to have experienced her skills which have made me a better and more fulfilled person. I highly recommend Brenda.

Arlene K.

Business Strategist | Author

Brenda not only has a gift, she IS a gift. Her ability to serve coaching clients and training participants goes way beyond what I have ever experienced from someone in this field. Brenda has a rare talent to not only use her sharp intellectual capabilities to solve in-the-moment issues that arise but also to see beyond the obvious and feel into the deeper needs of her audience and clients. This intuitive ability gives her a big edge over many other people in this industry. I would hire her again in a heartbeat

Martin Hahn

Sparrowhawk Consulting Inc.

Working with Brenda provided me with not only an amazing experience but a wonderful opportunity to learn from a passionate trainer and coach. In addition to being an expert in her field, she has the foresight to look beyond the current situation at hand and into future possibilities. Additionally, Brenda has the rare ability to connect with those around her in a way that really helps drive the feedback home.  Brenda showed me what I was capable of (which is more than what I was able to see in myself), and how to develop my areas of opportunity with strength and fierce optimism.

Brooke Cantos

M.A. - HR Professional

Brenda is sharp as a tack. As a coach or consultant, she is excellent at pinpointing areas for growth and establishing a clear action plan. She is great at recognizing issues and finding gentle ways to resolve problems. I’ve worked with her on a variety of projects She is a powerful leader and an asset to her clients.

Cory Petkovsek

Operations Technology

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