Do You Accept YOU?

Quite the paradox, isn’t it?

And how do we begin to unpack the process and mechanisms of self-acceptance?

I have been wrestling with this issue for while now. Maybe we all do from time to time or perhaps the matter of being fully comfortable in our own skin is a lifelong endeavor. Either way, I’ve gone many rounds attempting to beat aspects of myself into submission or push it behind an iron curtain. These tactics haven’t brought me a lasting, natural, relaxed and unflappable contentedness within myself. Nope.

As many of us shudder to admit, I too still get snagged by concerns about how others see me and want to win their good opinion. Coupled with perfectionist tendencies and unrealistic expectations of how we “should” be, these ingredients whip up a quantum soup of $#&T!

So what is the path to this elusive acceptance for ourselves? How do we reach the summit of this inner Everest? I hear “self-love” touted a lot as a cure-all and often end up asking myself….OK…but HOW??? I don’t recall that being a class in school. Where are the instructions, the manual or map for this journey? Are there love Sherpas to help guide us?

Where do you find yourself in this exploration? Have you been walking the path alone? What do you use as your compass or North Star?

I have found a few potential markers, but haven’t picked up a solid trail yet. My current mission is searching for and testing more tools and resources to help build a map for myself…and one that may guide others as well. I’m embarking on some experiments and research in the coming weeks, so more to come.

Until next time….we’d love to hear your experiences in this arena. What is working for you, what is still kicking your bum, and what horizons are you daring towards.

Brenda Cross

An international best-selling author and speaker, Brenda helps you breakthrough to true transformation and lasting change to live your best life.