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Brenda Cross is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, and coach. Best known for her interactive and engaging style, Brenda is a transformational facilitator with extensive experience across Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. She connects deeply with her audience and leaves them inspired and ready for action.

  • Former Head, Learning and Development for North America at a top bank

  • International Best-Selling Author – Daring Dialogues

  • Trained and coached over 17,000 people across the globe in last 13 years

  • Award-winning facilitator and coach

  • Holds many training and coaching certifications including ICF, BANK, and others

  • Specializes in experiential learning putting theory into practice and spurring new behavior

  • Former top trainer for several international training companies and facilitated throughout North America, Europe, and SE Asia


“I had the privilege of hearing Brenda speak as one of the Keynote speakers at B.A.N.K.icon in July 2019. Brenda is a masterful storyteller. Her presentation style paints pictures for her listeners, mixes in humor, is relatable, and has a great message. In listening to Brenda speak, I had a profound experience. While listening to her, a negative experience, from 28 years prior, that had been pushed to the back of my mind, crept its way back into my conscious mind. I was able to see a mental block I had and so was freed up and inspired to resume activities that had been eliminated from my life. If you have a chance to see or book Brenda, do not miss out on the opportunity. it may just be the life-altering experience you didn’t even know you were hoping for.

– Malcom S., MA, LMSW, CEO, The True You

“I saw Brenda’s keynote at a sales and leadership conference where I learned about her humble beginnings as an entrepreneur experiencing the same pain points many of us feel as we’re rejected and turned down. Brenda is just like one of us! She is so relatable and powerful! I highly recommend reaching out and connecting with Brenda for your next training or keynote!

– Jay Dee, Financial Literacy Expert, World Financial Group

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