The Heart of the Matter

I’d never looked inside to the heart of a tulip before…so beautiful. It shines from within just as we all do. No matter what is happening on the surface and in your environment, you have a radiant, pure core you can tap into and connect. I love that serene, potent, and blissful space. 

Now, how do you spend more and more time there? Fortunately, there are so many tools, processes, and practices that can help. Some of the ways I access that blissful beingness is through dance, meditation, a quiet tea, a call with a dear friend, and a long hot bath. 

What are some of your favorite ways to tap in, connect, let go and just be?

Tulip is from Central Park, New York.

Brenda Cross

An international best-selling author and speaker, Brenda helps you breakthrough to true transformation and lasting change to live your best life.

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